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This one powerful application gives you everything you need to make digital dictations easy to produce, easy to transcribe and easy to manage from your Blackberry®

The Freedom of mobile dictation for only £50 a year

Powered by Yodal technology, Oyez-dictate is a digital dictation platform that makes it simple to record, transcribe and manage your dictations from wherever you are. It comes with a recorder application for BlackBerry® smartphones, a player for your transcriptionist’s desktop and our cloud servers that take care of everything in between.

Our hosted cloud solution provides very fast data transfer from your BlackBerry® smartphone to your allocated desktop. Your recording will usually be ready to transcribe within seconds of pressing ‘Send’. With this hosted solution there is no requirement for you to maintain your own infrastructure but, if you prefer, you can deploy our .NET server and keep everything in-house. The choice is yours

Oyez-transcribe is FREE

Oyez-dictate files are opened in the Oyez-transcribe player. This free, easy-to-use desktop solution allows your dictations to be played back and transcribed quickly and efficiently.

Oyez-dictate provides all the functionality and sound quality you would expect from a top-end voice recorder and it really is as simple as sending and receiving an email.

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